Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rocco's Double Anal Festival by Evil Angel

Rocco's Double Anal Festival by Evil Angel (click on the title to view trailer)

The trailer starts in black and white with a closeup on a girls ass, and the it cuts to a couple of color shots of girls assholes that have been stretched out.

After the opening credits appear, you get 2 foreign guys on the screen telling us that we are going to get a double anal festival starring Omar (but I'm not really sure who he is).  The girls are foreign too, and they are smokin hot!  Several of the first clips are of the girls sucking cock and getting dildos shoved up their asses.  When everyone is ready to go the anal festival begins.  Just when you think you won't get a peek at it, you are treated to quite a few clips of assholes getting stretched with 2 big cocks :) 

This trailer is extremely naughty, and it is decently long at 2:30, but the screen size of the trailer is rather tiny.  Sure there is an option to view it full screen which diminishes the quality considerably.  It doesn't matter though because if you like it in the ass or like to see girls taking it in the ass, you are gonna like this trailer.  Enjoy!

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